Kauai Baby Rentals’ Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions


  •  A minimum order of $30 and delivery charge of $20 is required
  • To secure your reservation, Kauai Baby Rentals LLC will confirm your request with applicable charges and a $50 deposit will be required
  • Full payment is due upon signing this Terms & Conditions/Release of Liability
  • Additional charges to your credit card will be done if equipment is damaged, returned with missing parts, lost, stolen or in need of professional cleaning


  • Must be done at least 48 hours before pre-arranged delivery
  • Orders cancelled within 48 hours will be charged 50% of original order
  • Early returns = no refunds


  • Rental terms begin & end on specific dates and times agreed upon
  • Rental equipment will be delivered/picked-up at designated location between the hours of 9am-5pm
  • No need to be present during delivery/drop-off, just let property manager of hotel/condo/home be advised of Kauai Baby Rentals LLC and provide a contact name and number
  • Late pick-ups may be charged an addition day for each item if not pre-arranged


  • In the event the rental equipment is damaged, lost or stolen, the full replacement cost will be charged to your credit card. Equipment must be returned with all accessories and parts in tact and proper working condition as it was received or replacement and repair will be at expense of the renter.
  • Cleaning charges will be assessed and charged to your credit card for any item requiring professional cleaning due to excessive soiling such as vomit, sticky substances, markers, crayons or other difficult to remove substances.
  • Upon delivery, please inspect equipment. If you find any item is damaged, please contact Kauai Baby Rentals LLC immediately. Or if equipment becomes unsafe, please discontinue using the equipment immediately and inform Kauai Baby Rentals LLC to prevent any injuries. Kauai Baby Rentals LLC will replace the same or similar item as soon as possible.
  • By renting you acknowledge receipt of clean, working equipment and understanding of proper use and operation of equipment. Manufacturer manual are available upon request.


  •  Gift baskets and souvenirs